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Article 1 - NAME.

1. This Organisation will be known as the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association.


Words importing the masculine gender will include female. Words importing the female gender will include males.

“ASSOCIATION” In Relation to Bowling means an organisation promoting, fostering and conducting Bowling.

“BOWLING” Means the participant sport known as tenpin bowling and “BOWLER” will have a corresponding meaning.

“CENTRE” Means in relation to Bowling, the land, buildings, and other improvements by means of which facilities for bowling are provided

for and used by the general public on one site irrespective of the number disposition or method of

operation of the bowling lanes that are provided.

“TBA Means the Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited – the governing body for the Sport of Tenpin Bowling in Australia.

“GENERAL ASSEMBLY” Means the meeting for the Delegates from Individual Clubs.


It will be the purpose of this Association:-

  1. To promote and foster the game of tenpin bowling as a competitive sport within the World.

  2. To enforce the playing rules and regulations of Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) in any of the Competitions conducted by this Association.

  3. To obtain Tenpin Bowling Australia sanctioning for all tenpin bowling competitions promoted, organised and conducted by this Association.

  4. To conduct Annual Championships for members with separate divisions for men and women in Teams, Trio, Doubles, Singles and All Events, plus Masters/Queens and an Individual Championships event. Mixed Doubles, Mixed Teams or Trio and

    other events may be held together with any other Tournaments promoted by the Association from time to time.

  5. To select representative teams after having provided equal opportunity, to all eligible bowlers within this Association, for selection to compete in overseas

    Tournaments if required.


  6. To take all steps considered necessary for raising the finance required to meet all of the expenses likely to be incurred for the representative teams with respect to transport, accommodation, entry fees and any contingency which may arise likely to affect the comfort and well being of the teams and the good name, reputation, honour and prestige of this Association.

  7. To support the activities of Tenpin Bowling Australia and take guidance from them as the governing body of the Sport.

  8. To authorise and sanction bowlers who belong to Member-Clubs, for competition in bowling competitions conducted by others.

Article 4 - MEMBERSHIP.

The Association will be composed of such member-bodies as accepted by the Association, each of which will be an Individual Deaf Tenpin Bowling Club.

Each member-body will be entitled to nominate two (2) persons being members of its own organisation to represent it at any General Assembly Meeting of the Association.


The ultimate control and management of the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association will be vested in delegates drawn from Individual Clubs assembled at duly convened meetings.

Such meetings will be known as the General Assembly of the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association.

The Constitution may be amended at such a Meeting provided that two-third (2/3) or more of the member-bodies present at the Meeting vote in favour of such amendment.

Notices of Motion must be lodged with the Secretary (in writing) not less than six (6) weeks prior to a General Meeting. Any new Rules or Amendment to a Rule will become operative immediately upon adoption.


The Board of Directors will conduct the administrative and management functions of the Association. Ordinary business matters may be transacted by correspondence – with postal voting if necessary.

The Board of Directors will be elected triennially in rotation and will consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary/Treasurer, (these will be known as the Executive Committee) plus Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director and two additional Directors.

The Board of Directors of the Association may use its discretion to create other positions and elect, from within their own ranks, a member to fill any such positions.

No vacancies will automatically occur or be declared which will affect the numerical representation of any Club following the election of any person to office.



The Board of Directors will be elected at the Yearly General Meeting of the General Assembly of the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association.

A person retiring from office may offer themselves for re-election to any position.

The term of office for the President, Director #2 and assistant Tournament Director ~ (1st term), Secretary/Treasurer and Director #1 ~ (2nd Term), Tournament Director and Vice President ~ (3rd Term) will be three (3) years with one of each being elected in rotation.

All persons elected or appointed to office will commence their duties at the conclusion of the elections.

All persons elected to office will be drawn from amongst the members of the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association General Assembly present at the time the elections are held.

To be eligible for nomination and election, those proposed:-

1. Must be currently serving on the Committee of their Individual Club and must reside within the jurisdiction of that Club during their term of office.

Article 8 - VACANCIES.

Vacancies in office will be filled for the unexpired term by the Board of Directors of the Association as soon as that position becomes vacant, that person will be acting in the position until the next elections at the General Assembly.


The duties of the officers of this Association will be:-

President:- The President will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association performing all those duties usually pertaining to this office including specifically:-

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

  2. Ensure enforcement of the objects, provisions and purposes of the Constitution.


  3. When so instructed by the Board of Directors, authorise all payments and warrants drawn by the Treasurer.

  4. Regularly check to verify the correctness of the Bank Account/s of the Association.

  5. Chair and control proceedings at meeting of the Association and have a casting vote in addition to his/her deliberative vote.

Vice President: - In the absence of the President, the Vice President will perform the duties of the President.


Secretary/Treasurer: - The Secretary/Treasurer will perform those duties assigned by the President, and Board of Directors, including specifically the following:-

  1. Keep, for the permanent record, an account of the proceedings at all meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

  2. Conduct all correspondence of the Association including notices for meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

  3. Prepare and lodge applications for financial assistance from any source, after authorisation has been given by the Board of Directors or by the Chairman of any fund raising committee which may be appointed or elected from time to time.

  4. Receive, receipt, record and report all dues, fees monies or property donated or paid to the Association and within five (5) working days deposit all money received into a recognised banking institution in the name of the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association.

  5. Maintain a statement of the current financial position of the Association and make it available upon request to the President or the Board of Directors and table current financial reports at each meeting.

  6. Sign all warrants and withdrawals from the Association’s Account and submit them the President for approval.

Any and all sponsorship monies received in the Association’s Treasury will be dispersed by the Association in accordance with any instructions accompanying such sponsorship.

The Tournament Director will:-

  1. Obtain a T.B.A. Tournament Sanction for each event and conduct all Tournaments in accordance with Tenpin Bowling Australia Playing Rules for the Sport.

  2. Accept responsibility for attention to all matters pertaining to the tournament until all necessary requirements have been completed.

  3. Prepare and produce entry forms, tournament schedules and any other documents required for the event, and prescribe the procedures to be used.

  4. Determine and publish the program of bowling events in the tournament.

  5. Be responsible for adjudication and observance of the Rules and Regulations and in the event of a dispute a reference may be made to T.B.A. for afinal decision.

  6. As soon as possible after the end of the tournament, print and distribute to the officers and directors of the Association, a report containing a complete list of prize winners in the tournament.

  7. Include in the published report a “Records Section” and a “Financial Statement” for the tournament.

  8. Engage whatever help is considered necessary to successfully conduct the Tournament.


  9. Be reimbursed for approval expenses incurred in the operation of the Tournament upon presentation of an expense account and vouchers - to be paid out of the fund designated as the tournament fund.

  10. Keep a true record of all scores made in Tournament conducted by the Association.

Additional matters, which may affect the welfare of the tournament, will be decided by the Board of Directors.

Assistant Tournament Director: - An Assistant Tournament Director will perform the duties to support the Tournament Director as instructed and also perform duties requested by the Board Members if needed.

Board of Directors:-

  1. The Board of Directors as a collective body at duly convened meetings, will be the Supreme Management Committee of the National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association and as such will be responsible to the General Assembly for matters of policy and procedure with respect to any of its functions.

  2. The Board of Directors will carry out and enforce all of the objects of this organisation, and direct the transactions of its business which will be consistent with current or established policies and rules.

  3. The Board of Directors will determine and set the entry fees and prize fees for each tournament according to the costs of lanes hire and anticipated expenses.

  4. The Board of Directors will exercise its power of collective management and will hear and determine all protests arising from its Tournament Rules and Regulations and/or Constitution.


  1. The Editor’s role is to do 3 Newsletters per year (February/March,

    June/July, October/November.) Plus one extra Newsletter just after the National Deaf Championships event for that year (the Easter period,) letting all members know the results only. The Editor will make sure that the Newsletter is sent out on time.

  2. The Editor will help all other Board Members in the running of the National Deaf Championships when required.

  3. The Editor must give the Board a few months notice before they retire so that they can find a new Editor which will also give them time to review their position.

All the above positions are voluntary and not paid positions. Except the Tournament Directors role who is paid a minimal amount every year of their contribution.



  1. Duly convened meetings mean those meetings of which due notice has been issued under the hand of the Secretary.

  2. The Yearly Meeting of the General Assembly of the Association will be held during any long-weekend during the year, at a place and time mutually agreed upon by the Board after consultation with the Individual Clubs.

  3. Other meetings of the General Assembly will be held quarterly or at other intervals as may be determined from time to time.

  4. Thirty (30) days notice of General Assembly Meetings, stating the date, time, place and the business to be transacted, will be sent by quickest possible postal service to each Individual Club.

  5. Representation from a minimum of two-third (2/3) of the Individual Clubs will constitute a quorum for General Assembly Meetings.

  6. Meetings will be conducted in accordance with the provisions set out in the By-Laws.

  7. The voting rights of members at meetings of the General Assembly will be one vote to each duly appointed member representative. Honorary members will not be entitled to vote unless elected or appointed as a member- representative.

    Article 11 - LIFE MEMBERSHIP.

    Life Members may be elected to this Association at a General Meeting. They may enter into discussions, but will have no voting rights save those provided for as a member- representative.

    The procedure for election and benefits of Life Membership will be spelled out in the By- Laws

    Article 12 - BY-LAWS.

    The National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Association will adopt such By-Laws as is deemed necessary so long as they do not conflict with this Constitution and the Rules, Regulations and requirements of Tenpin Bowling Australia.

    By-Laws may be adopted or changed at any duly convened meeting of the General Assembly provided that they have first been submitted to the Board of Directors for their consideration and recommendation.


    Refer ARTICLE 10 - Meetings, Definitions & Procedures.

    Clause 6 Refer ARTICLE 11 - Life Membership.

    Any member of the Association, with the support of a seconder, may nominate another member for Life Membership of the Association, by submitting their name and background to the Secretary/Treasurer not less than one (1) calendar month prior to the General Meeting of the Association, where it will require a two-third (2/3) affirmative vote.

    The Board of Directors of the Association will first check the bona fides of the candidate and make a recommendation to the delegates at the General Meeting.

    Candidates for Life Membership must meet the following criteria:

Life Members will be entitled to all the usual rights and privileges of Ordinary Membership, including the right to vote, if and when they are elected or appointed to a position with the Association, which carries the right to vote.

Life members do not need to be members of TBAL unless they are bowling with the

N.D.T.B.A. in any upcoming Tournament.

The Honour, right and privileges of Life Membership may be revoked by simple majority vote at a General Meeting, if the Member involves themselves in any activity contrary to the objects of the Association, or likely to bring discredit to the Association or the Sport.

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